Welcome to our online order/stock configurator page. If you wish to start your order on line rather than call it in, this page is designed as a tool to help you select a stock that best fits your shooting needs. It will show you a list of standard options that is available for each stock based on the type of action that you have selected.

This page does not contain all of our stocks or options. However it does contain the stocks and options that make up about 98% of all our orders. For the other 2%, you can still use it to get your order going if you like or you can always email or call us and talk to one of our customer service personnel. We will be more than happy to walk you through all the options and give you recommendations if you desire.

Once you have selected your stock type and all of the options available for your build specs. You will be prompted to the summary page. Here you will see a complete breakdown of the stock and options that you selected along with a price summary. You can print this page out if you wish or hit the Submit button to place your order via email. Once the office receives your order, a customer service person will contact you with a production number for your stock and a verification of the build specs. On standard orders there is no deposit required. Once your stock is within a few weeks of shipping, the office will email you a breakdown of the invoice. At that time you can send us a check if you like or we take MasterCard/Visa over the phone. Payment is not due till the day the stock ships.

You can see basic pricing on the Service/Price List page, or you can call us for pricing and configuration options at (816) 283-3334 or e-mail us

We can only ship within the US. All outside USA orders can be ordered through one of our International Distributors.


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